' No EU ban on Turkish campaigns '

A ban on campaign activities by Turkish politicians in the European Union there probably not.

Austria advocate, but several EU foreign ministers believe that a matter for the Member States themselves, turned out Monday prior to consultations in Brussels.

Minister Bert Koenders called it "not desirable '' that Turkish ministers campaigning in Netherlands, but spoke not out for a common European position.

The Turkish Government wants to change the Constitution through a referendum, giving the president more power. They also want to win votes among Turks abroad. The Dutch Government is investigating whether it is legally possible to prevent that.

Germany has already banned meetings. The Turkish president Erdogan compared that with the nazi period. "There is a lot of verbal abuse, I think that is not necessary," said Koenders. "You can think what you will of that referendum, but Turkish ministers should the campaign not to export Netherlands." Ankara is now aware of this position.