' Kate Spade New York ' takes inspiration from Morocco (video)

The American brand " Kate Spade New York " took inspiration from Morocco for the new spring 2017 collection.

"For spring 2017 collection, did Kate Spade New York to Morocco, to be inspired by Dim desert landscapes, the shadow play of candle-lit lanterns, rose petals, the sensory overload of the souks and the oasis of rest in the gardens, "said Kate Spade New York on its website.

The video ad of the collection shows the model Fernanda Ly while they through the busy streets of New York runs with with a camel laden with bags from the brand.

The colors used in this collection are reminiscent of "colorful herbs and paint pigments on the markets," said Deborah Lloyd, Creative Director of Kate Spade, on the site.

The prices of these clothes and accessories range from $88 for a keychain to 358 dollars for a pair of high heels, and from $598 for a leather case to 168 dollars for a hat inspired by Berber headgear.

"It doesn't matter where we go, we are always surprised by what we have in common. In a way its Marrakech and Midtown Manhattan after all not so different, "said the brand.

[video = youtube; XL_C1aAgPDQ] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = XL_C1aAgPDQ [/video]

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