Spain Morocco support EU promises in Exchange for tightening borders

Spain has promises to support Morocco in the European Union in Exchange for more security on the Moroccan border of Ceuta and Melilla, in a recently issued diplomatic agreement between the two countries.

According to the Spanish newspaper El Pueblo de Ceuta diplomatic sources have stated that the agreement a new immigration crisis has. Moroccan border guards blocked last Friday the entry of nearly 600 African migrants without the intervention of the Spanish border guards on Friday, reports the ABC España.

According to El Pueblo de Ceuta have Spanish officials the Moroccan Ministry of foreign Affairs promised that Spain will do everything possible to the Moroccan interests to defend in the EU on agricultural area, in Exchange for maintaining police cooperation with the Spanish security team.

Recently had Morocco and the EU a dispute over Euro-Moroccan agricultural agreement. Although not made known when and where the agreement was established, El Pueblo de Ceuta confirms that the contract had been established after the border storming of 17 and 20 February, where Spain are 850 immigrants arrived.