Moroccan Ministry promised tougher after new hooliganism (video)

New violence between football fans wounded ten people in Morocco Sunday on the sidelines of the game between the Fez Moghr├Ęb and Union Sidi Kacem (D2).

The rioters caused a lot of damage. This new acts of violence are added to the acts of vandalism last Friday in Al Hoceima, after the game CRA-WAC.

"Ten people were injured, including four members of the security forces, during acts of vandalism", said a statement from the Ministry of the Interior.

According to AFP News Agency, these events together "with the return of certain Ultras groups" in the stadiums. The Ministry of the Interior announced that they intend "to act with rigor against this illegal associations" of supporters.

According to the statement, the authorities promise to "all members of these illegal entities that are already banned" to prosecute, and to prohibit the movement of supporters in groups "when there is a risk of undermining public order and security".

The young people who have been arrested are mainly minors. The debate on the ultras is being revived, and according to various sources, there would be this week drastic measures be taken against the ultras and its active members. To be continued!

Pictures from past Sunday:

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