Mohamed R: ' I'm counting on your support for my first professional fight ' (video)

Mohamed R is preparing actively for his entry into the professional world of boxing art.

His first pro game, originally scheduled for Feb. 18 in Casablanca, but this was cancelled due to a number of problems at the level of the organization. R will now make his debut on 11 March in Prague.

R will face during his debut with the Hungarian Laszlo Kovacs. The Moroccan Boxer hopes on the support of the Moroccan people.

His fight will take six rounds so far and will be broadcast on the German channel fully known "MDR TV" and "the Czech channel Nova TV".

Rabii placed a message via his Facebook page to all Moroccans.

"The last training before the big day of my first professional fight in the Czech Republic on 11 March. I have your support really need in this very special time. Dima MAGHRIB! "

The video is .

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