Scoop: autistic kids take part in international marathon Rabat

For more attention to be paid to the case to pull hundreds of kids did Sunday at the international marathon in Rabat.

Autism is a dormant problem in Morocco. Children are often tapped by the attention because of the taboo which hangs around it. Because of this, there are no clear figures on the extent of Moroccans with autism. Nevertheless, many organizations and foundations committed to children who suffer. Attention to the case they tried recently to get by with hundreds of children to take part in the international marathon of Rabat.

It is the third time that the marathon is organised but it had the scoop that there children with autism. They ran side by side with the amateur riders. In addition to that it was a beautiful moment for publicity, it was of course also a fun experiences for the children concerned.

All over the world suffer some 563,000 persons taken to autism, most of which are children.