Canada wants stronger cooperation with Morocco

Kathleen Wynne, the premier of Ontario, Canada has a letter to the Moroccan Chamber of Commerce in Canada sent in which she calls for more economic cooperation between Morocco and Canada.

M.a.a takes place before the event, scheduled from 11 March to 19 March in the Canadian Embassy in Rabat, sent Wynne the letter in which she asks to increased cooperation, in particular for the economic sector. In her letter praises Wynne the objectives the organization tries to reach through this event.

Kathleen Wynne explained that the Moroccan Chamber of Commerce in Canada is directed to Canadian companies better understand and to study in Morocco, connections with local entrepreneurs and policy makers to create and to lay the foundations for fruitful, mutual partnerships between Moroccan and Canadian companies.

The Canadian official said that representatives of the Government will work to strengthen the bilateral relationship between the two countries, and indicates that she hopes its objectives will be achieved through this event.

The Moroccan Chamber of Commerce in Canada will work with the ' General Federation of enterprises and the companies that established in Morocco ' and plenty of ministries and banking institutions. These settings will work together to Moroccan Canadian entrepreneurs, Canadian investors, officials and economists to Morocco.