Aboutaleb will ' definitely ' extra 5000 agents

Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb wants the new cabinet the national police with extra " " sure 5000 agents.

That expansion is necessary to new forms of crime, such as undermining but also cyber crime and the supply of drugs in the port to tackle better. That confirms his spokesman Wednesday after notification by the NOS.

In the Rijnmond area to at least 400 to 500 agents think Aboutaleb. He says he is with the current capacity to manage.

In a letter to the City Council Wednesday he also outlines a picture of the debilitating crime in society, which, according to him, is easily visible in neighbourhoods such as Rotterdam-Zuid and Spaanse Polder. He is under more on illegal gambling, the abuses of car companies for criminal activities and drug trade in on the eye bona fide commercial properties.

With undermining is the invisible crime that takes place in the blending between crime and ordinary business activities. As examples the Mayor calls a shop where rarely a customer, Barber shops and young people who drive around in expensive cars without seat, with no apparent form of income.

The approach by undermining last year according to Aboutaleb has "led to significant results". "A hemp nursery roll up or close an illegal gambling house is one thing, rolling up joint ventures with their criminal activities of this kind make money is of another order." That is according to him a lengthy process.

Last year, for about 11.5 million in money and goods seized.