Morocco strict controls on gunpowder

The black powder used in the manufacture of explosives, currently subject to strict controls by the security services

The authorities have a maximum the gunpowder control traffic, partly due to the dismantling of a terrorist cell in El Jadida. This gunpowder can be used when creating bombs.

There are instructions given to the security services to the use of gunpowder which usually used for Fireworks extra check. Now there will be a list of users should are recorded in which also the date of purchase and details of quantities used in.

These instructions also apply to other chemicals such as nitrogen and fertilizer 30 and 31 where potassium nitrate in is, where the extracts can be removed which can be used When making the explosives.

Al Ahdath Al Maghribia reported that this official instructions also apply to scientific laboratories of secondary schools, and other scientific facilities, where the chemicals are used for experiments held by students. These settings will now also be checked extra the use of these substances.

The newspaper indicates that a number of terrorist cells who recently dismantled by the Moroccan security service (BCIJ) the use of gunpowder for the manufacture of bombs have confirmed.