Marrakech is going to battle it out with rats, mosquitoes and rabies

In Marrakech are at the beginning of this year a number of projects launched in order to improve the city.

Marrakech would compete against rats, mosquitoes, rabies (rabies) and pathogens in some parts of the city.  The Moroccan tourist city will be here in total almost 3 million dirham.

For the first project, the treatment of people who bitten by stray animals and the fight against rabies in people, an amount of 1.4 million dirham. The second project provides for the disinfection of unhealthy places by bacteria, germs and foul odors.

In addition, the city will use more than 350,000 dirham for pesticide against rats. There more than 770,000 dirham will also be issued for the fight against mosquitoes, according to the budget plan of the city for the beginning of 2017.