' Muslim-critical parties failing '

In the absence of the main Muslim parties Friday night at the critical-Essalam Mosque in Rotterdam the first national Muslim debate.

CDA, D66, Groenlinks, PvdA, SP, and entrepreneurs party have confirmed their participation. PVV leader Geert Wilders left via Twitter already know not to come ("No way. Except if I finally conclude that mega mosque. ''). Then also said MAINLY-lijsttrekker Jan rose are initially announced coming off. "Marchandeert not @VoorNederland with Western values '', the party

However, party leader and ex-PVV mp Hero Brinkman (Entrepreneurs party) at the last moment signed up for the debate, which is about the identity in Netherlands, discrimination and exclusion, radicalisation, polarization and the separation of Church and State. According to Brinkman is the "cowardly '' to the debate out of the way to go." If you have criticism, you should be in a democracy also so daring that mans are everywhere ', ' he says. He announces a "nuanced, good view '' about Islam in Netherlands to give," where many Muslims agree, but Salafis will be '' not happy about it.


The Organization says Thursday to be disappointed in the preparation of the other Muslim-critical parties. "It begs the question: what do they want now actually of Dutch Muslims? '' According to the Organization "let the parties that are most pronounced about Islam in the Netherlands now, most without stating a reason ''.

Director Marianne Vorthoren of Organizer Foundation Platform Islamic Organisations Rijnmond (SPIOR) reports that among the three hundred attendees or PVV-voters are present.


It is counted on the arrival of the politicians Mustafa Amhaouch (CDA), Salima Baby (D66), Farid Javed (think), Kathalijne Buitenweg (Green left), Group President Jose Chick (PvdA) and Sadet Karabulut (SP). At the debate, Ahmed Aboutaleb also lives according to the Organization "not as a participant but as Mayor of the city ''.

International media like CNN, Reuters, Al-Jazeera and even a Japanese tv station have announced their coming to the mosque.