Claims to find wealth of crime data

The police and the public prosecutor's Office (to) say the hand to have put on a wealth of crime data that can lead to decisive breakthroughs in ongoing criminal cases.

The criminal investigation services have gained access to encrypted messages, submitted by 3.6 million computer servers by the Dutch company Ennetcom in Canada.

That data, including from the encrypted message traffic through custom smartphones by criminals, have yielded evidence for dozens of criminal investigations to liquidations, armed robbery, drug trafficking, money laundering, attempted murders and other organized crime. That reports it to Thursday.

Which servers were copied in april 2016 at the request of the national Office of the to. Ennetcom is according to the to the largest provider of encrypted communications to criminals in Netherlands, with outlets in Western Europe and South America. The company and the owner are suspected of money laundering, criminal service provider because they would have operated an extensive criminal clientele.

The company guaranteed its customers, many of them criminals, a completely protected message traffic, that even for investigative agencies not to follow was. Custom smartphones were equipped with encryption software (Pretty Good Privacy), stripped of photo camera and microphone. This PGP BlackBerry smartphones were sold for about 1500 euros each and are now the standard in the crime world. The shielded communication network through servers in Canada and Netherlands consisted of approximately 40,000 registered smartphones.

Provider Ennetcom came into the visor of police and investigations of liquidations.

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