Mosques call supporters on to vote

Dozens of mosques call the Dutch Muslim community next week to vote.

During the Friday prayer imams will also underline the importance of the elections. Voting is "an opportunity that a Muslim should not let go", reporting the Islamic organizations in a statement Thursday night.

They also warn of the consequences of stay away. That can disadvantage "for their presence in Netherlands and even as support for political parties which want to curtail rights and freedoms specifically Muslims and thus encourage discrimination and racism".

The mosques advise their rank and file to vote on "reliable and well-meaning parties who strive to represent the interests of all Dutch people".

"Muslims voices often not massively, they are also not always aware of their right to vote and of the consequences. That is why this call desperately needed, "explains ceo Abdelhamid T of the Hague as-Sunnah mosque the call. A total of 62 organisations, especially mosques, endorse the message.

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