Moroccan Ministry of agriculture declares war on Chinese honey

The Moroccan authorities have decided to combat Chinese honey that is sold in Morocco and presented as a local product.

The National Food and consumer product safety authority (ONSSA) has decided the freedom that until now was for the import and marketing of honey, reports the newspaper Al Massae.

According to this newspaper are large quantities of honey taken in large barrels are imported from China after which they are packaged and sold locally in Morocco as a local product. Furthermore become added that the 13 companies operating in this area, never the actual country of origin on the packaging of the honey.

This leaves the consumer in ambiguity, while it is required by law to determine the origin of this product. The ONSSA has a formal notice sent to the relevant companies. The purpose of the letter of formal notice to importers is 3 months to give time to comply with national law concerning the labelling and naming the country of origin.