Uber expected to further expand in Morocco

Uber is not going to give in to the pressure of Moroccan taxi drivers. On the contrary, Uber asks for clarification of the rules to further development.

L'Economiste today reports that Uber after 18 months of activity, 12,000 140,000 registered drivers and passengers. Uber was also able 15,000 passengers and 500 active drivers.

And this is just the beginning, Uber wants to expand in Morocco like, provided that the legislation is clarified. The growth potential of Uber is estimated to be 10,000 additional drivers, of which 3,000 alone in Casablanca. The company recommends a period of negotiation before legislation and specifications.

Uber says it wants to "help to reduce unemployment, with particular in the age group 18-34 years, which constitutes 60% of the drivers ". The salary of a full-time Uber driver fluctuates between 4,000 and 6,000 dirham weekly, with a guaranteed payment.