Morocco's largest supplier of fruit and vegetables to Spain

Morocco is officially the main supplier of fruits and vegetables to Spain.

The new data have been released by FEPEX, the Spanish Federation of associations of exporters of fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants. This is based on the calculation of the Board of Directors of customs. According to the same data imports of Moroccan beans and vegetables to Spain over the past five years increased by 221%.

In 2012, in total 128.7 million euros spent on Moroccan products and in 2016 is that amount increased to 413.3 million euro.  Moroccan products currently represent 18% of the fruits and vegetables imported into Spain. In 2016 reached 237.6 million euro and the import of only vegetables according to FEPEX This means an increase of 14% from 2015. They indicated that 132 million was spent on beans and 32.4 million in tomatoes.

Imports of fruit also shows a growth of 176 million euros in total. This is 36% more than the previous year in the same season. The decline in Raspberry rose by 60%, blueberries with 32% and strawberries with 38%. France is Morocco after the largest supplier with 13.6% of the total fruit and vegetable imports to Spain.