Netherlands refuses flight Çavusoglu

Netherlands has landing rights for the unit of the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlüt Çavusoglu withdrawn.

That the Government has reported today. That means that the visit that wanted to bring to Rotterdam, Çavusoglu.

The Cabinet adopted the measure said it because the public order and security are at stake come after publishing a call for Turkish Dutch people to massively to take part in a public event with Çavusoglu.

"Netherlands was with the Turkish authorities in conversation about the visit, examining an acceptable solution. There was consultation going on or could move the meeting the Turkish authorities and a secluded, smaller-scale character could give in a Turkish Consulate or Embassy. Even before these talks were completed, the Turkish authorities publicly threatened with sanctions. That makes the search for a reasonable solution impossible, "reads the statement of the Cabinet.

"We wanted to come to a solution. We have a long and tough talking with the Turks to reach an acceptable solution. We stand for law and order and do not want the security in question, "said a spokeswoman for Minister Koenders (Foreign Affairs).

Çavusoglu threatened Saturday morning with heavy political and economic sanctions against Netherlands as the Hague would prevent his coming. The Turkish Foreign Minister was going to 18.00 hours attendees to speak in the official residence of the Turkish consul in Rotterdam. There, he wanted to argue for a ' yes ' for more power for president Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the Turkish referendum of 16 april.

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