Benatia helps Juventus AC Milan along with phenomenal first (video)

Usually scoring strikers in this way, did yesterday Benatia it!

All knocked at the first of the captain of the national team. The assumption, auditing, and the rock hard rounding. The 29-year-old central defender scored last night just as he did in his time at AS Roma, where he normally takes place in the heart of the defense, he came against AC Milan at all on on indicating old FC Barcelona back Dani Alvas poeierde the Moroccan international the ball mercilessly hard at keeper Delaney in the ropes.

Benatia should start again for the first time in a long time in the base at Juventus. By the absence of Chiellini came a spot free making trainer Massimiliano Allegri called a job had to do on his other central defender. By a yellow card had to Benatia schedule (premature), as a precaution, leave the field. In the 78th minute, he was replaced by Rugani.

[video = youtube; IkrNT-ZLmCg] v = IkrNT-ZLmCg [/video]

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