Rotterdam offers protesters three platforms

The authorities in Rotterdam have three designated locations where Saturday demonstrated. The decision comes after the public call by Turkey to Turkish Dutch people to massively to take part in a demo at the official residence of the Turkish consul to the Highway.

That Rotterdam triangle of police, justice and Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb has distributed a statement Saturday afternoon. It states that the Willemsplein, 1940 the Lloyd pier and Square the locations are. "On the Willemsplein can demonstrate that people like to speak in Rotterdam, the Minister had seen on the Lloyd pier can rightly and counter-demonstrators on 1940 all other Square protesters."

Saturday morning the Dutch Government withdrew landing rights in the plane of the Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlüt Çavusoglu. That was planning Saturday at 18.00 hours attendees to speak in the official residence in the District of Hillegersberg. Çavusoglu calls for more power for president Recep Tayyip Erdogan and want to encourage Turkish Dutch people to say ' yes ' in the Turkish referendum in april. The Government is afraid that the public order and security. Aboutaleb calls all Rotterdammers on "in special circumstances to preserve calm and tranquility".

"The Rotterdam triangle has from the point of view of safety and to protect the residents and the residence of the Turkish consul decided the Straatweg and the immediate vicinity of the Consulate to the Westblaak to shut down", it says in the statement. On the Road and the surrounding area is an emergency warrant for as long as necessary. The area is temporarily only available to residents and local traffic.

The Turkish consul in Rotterdam is informed of the measures. Residents of the Straatweg are Saturday through a door to door-spread letter informed.