9th edition of the ' Panda Raid ' race start Sunday in Nador

300 drivers will meet each other Sunday in Nador to start the first phase of the 3000 km "Panda Raid" race to Marrakech.

The Panda Raid race is a race in which participants compete under equal conditions, racing them all in the same car model, a Fiat Panda. Apart from the match, the race meant to promote solidarity, in which the participants will be working together to build and develop a school for infants in Ait Ahmed, Agadir. According to the Spanish newspaper Levantate, the project is on helping the ecosystem through the use of local, energy-efficient materials.

This year, the race the highest number of participants in the Panda Raid race history, namely 300 drivers. The first phase of the race will end in Tissaf, after which the participants will complete another five stages before reaching Marrakech on Friday.

According to the race This is also meant to the participants "to leave everything", referring to the dependence on technology and the noise of the civilization.

Photocredit: Panda Raid Official