Backlight: back to the Satellite Queens

Every Sunday night watching millions of Arab men and women to the bold talk show Kalam Nawaem talk '-literally ' women.

For 15 years hears the talk show at the best viewed programs in the Arab world. The popular hosts have a permanent place in countless hearts and living rooms. In 2007 made VPRO Backlight a broadcast about this unique talk show. Ten years later returns Director Bregtje van der Haak, who three times was a guest in the talk show, back to the changing rooms in Beirut. What does the Middle East look like through the eyes of the hosts Muna AbuSulayman and Nadia Ahmad? Is there a future beyond the chaos of today?

The talk show Kalam Nawaem is a gold mine for the Saudi owner sheikh Waleed Al Ibrahim. The hosts discuss weekly hot topics and do no taboos. Sensitive issues like adultery, punish-with-whipping and terrorism are negotiable. The ladies are important role models and their opinion counts. With the rise of social media is their influence still further increased. The power of the talk show is that progressive and conservative sounds from the Arab world are brought together on one stage. For example, the gap between both sides bridged. The heated conversations help to important steps forward in the field of women's rights and a new Arab society.

Nadia Ahmad

The talk show recently got a facelift. The young, unmarried and sexy dressed presenter Nadia Ahmad from Kuwait was attracted to a young audience. With girl friends racing them in her white sports car to a basketball game and drink cocktails on a terrace.

Muna AbuSulayman

The Saudi Muna Abu Sulayman, separated mother of two daughters, has been from the beginning the veiled face of the show. It has 1.2 million friends on Facebook and another hundreds of thousands of on Snapchat, Twitter and instagram. They take that responsibility seriously. Right now the Arab spring in an Arab nightmare has degenerated, the intellectual Muna offer hope with her positive messages. She endeavors for the millions of refugees in the region and travels the world as a speaker and UN representative. At home in Riyadh organizes a philosophical read club for women and poses they tirelessly for selfies with her countless fans.

Sunday 19 March at 21.05 hours at the VPRO on NPO2

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