Faik picks with Excelsior three points but loses a tooth (video)

Both during and after the match were looking for Faik still to no avail to his lost tooth.

An unfortunate confrontation with teammate Mattheij, both he and Faik jumps to the ball to get him out of the penalty area to work. It resulted in a painful clash between team mates. Mattheij held there a cut to about while Faik it had to suffer and a piece of lost his front tooth.

Even during the 4-1 victory for Excelsior were looking for the midfielder still hopeful to his tooth. In vain it turned out after the game.

[video = youtube; 2cooIEHELBk] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = 2cooIEHELBk [/video]

hicham faik