Mosques feel pressure to give THINK voting advice

Mosque drivers feel pressured to encourage their constituencies to vote, THINK on the political party Wednesday during the Dutch general election. That the Council of Moroccan Mosques Netherlands (RMMN) Sunday.

Some Muslims dare not to come out that they criticize THINK or consider another party to vote, thus the RMMN Sunday. Potential voters are continuously addressed on their religion and ethnicity by THINK. The RMMN think this approach works and polarizing the integration can stand, claims the Council.

The spokesman for the Council of Moroccan Mosques in Netherlands, Saïd Balraj suggested before that think, just like the PVV, contributes to the increasing Division in the politics. Balraj says it's important to find that the democratic rule of law can do its work "and everyone in freedom can choose". "It is unfortunate that don't think away from controversial Imam, nepaccounts on Facebook has deployed to other politicians and people. We call on THINK on her show to modify, because the topics that this party and deserve all the attention. "

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