Also SMN calls Moroccan Dutch people to vote

Yesterday brought a large number of Moroccan organizations, including Rural Consideration Moroccans (LBM) and Union of Moroccan Mosque organisations in Netherlands (UMMON), a press release out in which they call on all Moroccan Dutch people Wednesday to vote.

Also the Association of Moroccan Dutch people (SMN) has today issued a press release to the same effect. The press release of SMN reads as follows:

"Upcoming Wednesday March 15, there will be elections for the second Chamber. Citizens of Netherlands aged over 18 years and in the possession of the Dutch nationality can cast their vote on the political party of their preference. This allows anyone to influence the composition of the second Room and thus on the color and the policy of the new Cabinet.

The Association of Moroccan Dutch people (SMN) calls on all Dutch citizens of Moroccan origin on to March 15 to the ballot box. Actively participate in the elections by voting is one of the main ways and Moroccan Dutchman for your interests and to count.

Besides the fact that you This uses your democratic right is your voice also determines for the political course for the coming years. The voice of Moroccan Dutch people can make the difference by counterbalance discrimination and exclusion. With the call of numerous organizations-religious and non-religious-and an increasing awareness among Moroccan Dutch people we hope on a large turnout. Moroccan-Dutch voters are good for at least 3 seats.

The results of these elections will determine for the future of Netherlands. All the more important is it to your voice not lost to let go. Therefore: go vote. Just now. "