Ten visually impaired do attempt at collective suicide in Marrakech

A dozen visually impaired tried yesterday to commit suicide in Marrakech.

According to an eyewitness in the Town Hall these people went and they threatened to sacrifice themselves by itself on fire, reports Medias24. Local officials did an attempt to prevent them from this really did. The attempt to stop them, however, finite, since they then tried to themselves from the first floor of the building.

Fortunately, in the called police succeeded to this attempt of collective suicide.

One of these visually impaired confirmed to Medias24 that they had come to commit suicide with a combustible product.

They are all members of the ' Association of the visually impaired in the region Marrakech-Safi '. This visually impaired are all unemployed graduates who have long been trying to get their case heard. In the past five months, they tried to make an appointment with the Mayor of the city to the problem (not being able to find work by their visual impairment). When this repeatedly failed, they decided to a collective suicide attempt.

Two people have been arrested and the others were released after a medical checkup at the hospital.

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