Ziyech number one in the Eredivisie with number of shots outside penalty area

The midfielder shot as many as 90 times on the enemy goal from outside the penalty area.

Based on the number of target shots on goal from outside the penalty area is Hakim Ziyech with right the absolute number one. As many as 90 times last season, he opened fire on the opponent's goal, the most so. It came two goals, but that's for the 23-year-old Moroccan international no reason for its attempts to cut down.

In front of the supporters he says the following about this: Ajax medium Life ' if I find that I can shoot, then shoot me. Or that ball or not, I continue to do it again. Yes, the chance to score is by nearby larger. But if I find that I have to shoot, then shoot me. '

Ziyech is succeeded by Lewis Baker of Vitesse (46 shots, 4 goals), at number three is Sam Larsson of sc Heerenveen. He cited 43 times, including 6 shots in the enemy goal.

hakim ziyech