Body of murdered Moroccan young man in Sebta repatriated

The body of Ibrahim Abd Elrahman, the 20-year-old Moroccan national who was murdered in Sebta by some underage Moroccan boys, is repatriated and brought to his homeland.

Authorities told the Spanish newspaper Diario Sur Arraoui's family that was able to collect the 1800 euro, which was needed for the repatriation of the body, with the help of other Sebta residents. Arraoui's body was transferred to Morocco after the completion of the bureaucratic process.

The three young Moroccans accused of killing Abd Elrahman are detained by the judicial authorities in Sebta and accused of theft, violence, intimidation and murder.

According to witnesses the incident began when the three underage Moroccans Abd Elrahman tried to rob him and then down stakes after he pushed one of them away.

There was a fourth young man present at the crime scene who was arrested, but was later released after witness statements could not determine his involvement.