King Mohamed VI absolve Moroccan consul from France after violence against housekeeper (video)

The King took the high-profile case in person.

This morning we brought all about this situation. The housekeeper of a consul of Morocco in France did several calls about the appalling conditions in which they had to work. These circumstances had even the appearance of slavery. The woman in question, Samira El Ghinaoui, was by the consul under false pretenses to France tempts. For this she was working at a family in Morocco, where the hair said it just fine.

The consul, Malika Alaoui, promised the housekeeper excellent working conditions. Hair was promised a monthly salary of 14,000 Moroccan dirham, on housing and food she did not worry about it and the consul would even do its best for residence documents for the woman. So they her son who stayed in Morocco for a while could visit without too many problems.

In France, Orly, arrived there was but little where of this rosy scenario. After they signed the contract showed Aaaa itself from another side. The woman if the House is not out, had to get up every morning at 06:00 and required for the food had to be paid. And this all under a trial period of two months. Fear of El Ghinaoui loved to be fired long time close her mouth.

The Moroccan medium Hespress made known that on the orders of King Mohamed VI the consul can grab her stuff. The videos (including the video below) that have arisen on social media spread extremely fast. The Consulate where Aaaa was employed has as yet no official communication on the matter.

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