Instant justice and fines for Turkish protesters

The public prosecutor has the Affairs of thirteen Turkish demonstrators who were detained Sunday in Amsterdam express dismissed.

The men, according to justice have been guilty of overt violence, insult, bringing the Hitler salute and/or violation of the General Local regulation.

Four protesters were given a fine, the other nine should be for the judge or when to answer or have already gotten a penalty imposed by the public prosecutor. Five of the nine men be prosecuted for insulting police officers. Four, including two minors, suspected of overt violence because they would have pelted agents. One of the young people must occur in the juvenile court.

Twelve of the thirteen detained men were part of a group of about 250 people who had gathered in Amsterdam-West to protest. The Group would have hindered traffic and with Fireworks have thrown. They also refused to follow instructions from the police. None of the arrested persons is still stuck.

instant justice