Chaos at reopening transition point Tarajal II in Sebta

After a week to have been closed, the transition point Tarajal II on Monday opened the gates of the border again.

While border authorities access limited to 4000 so-called ' mules ' (persons who transfer goods) per day to try to avoid large crowds and to ensure a better blood flow, the transition point still got a massive influx of people.

The national and local police, as well as the civil guards and private security teams, were sometimes overwhelmed while they tried to regulate the flow of people. The local utoriteiten had spread about the commercial area while police on the other side of the Gates tried to the passage.

"Despite their efforts it is visible that this new route is not the desired results, because you can't get to the large influx of people to regulate ", reports the Spanish-language newspaper El Pueblo de Ceuta.

Morocco and Spain all day not coordinated well with regard to the open and close the doors, which led to moments where There is a lack of guards at each post. This led to peak moments in terms of crowds and caused a lot of tension. Spanish authorities tried to let the people in rows wait so that no one could place rings, but this didn't completely according to plan.

Photocredit: El Pueblo de Ceuta

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