Largest party VVD, PvdA provisional exitpoll: punished

The premier Mark Rutte's VVD with 31 seats clearly remained the largest party, despite ten seats loss.

Coalition partner PvdA is heavily punished and suffers a historic defeat. Lijsttrekker Lodewijk Asscher sees his party bags from 38 to nine seats. The PvdA is the books as the party with the largest electoral defeat ever in parliamentary history. If the suits of Ipsos exitpoll loses the Labour Party 29 seats. The Labour Party already had the record with a loss of 22 seats in elections in 2002.

The PVV of Geert Wilders is with nineteen seats (an increase of four seats) has become the second party of the country, together with the CDA by Sybrand Buma (increased by six seats) and the D66 by Alexander Pechtold (up seven).

This is the result of a provisional exitpoll of Ipsos for NOS and RTL, which Wednesday night immediately after the closure of the polling stations.

Historic rise

Green Left recorded a historic rise from four to sixteen seats. It is thus for the first time the largest party on the left. "We have never scored. I'm super proud of the party, all the people who took to the streets and campaigned '', Kathelijne Buitenweg against the NOS. "people have enough by the present polarization. We have a movement of change, we must continue. ''

On the other hand, the SP dropped a seat from 15 to 14. The ChristianUnion rises a seat from five to six seats, the party for the animals goes from two to five. Profit is also 50PLUS, doubling from two to four. The SGP remains on three seats.

Newcomer THINK conquers three seats, and Forum for Democracy comes out of nowhere on two.

Forecast attendance: 81 percent

The turnout in the elections for the second Chamber is 81 percent. That is clear from a preliminary forecast of Ipsos Netherlands Wednesday commissioned by the NOS and RTL. In 2012 74.6 percent of the eligible voters went to the polls. In 2010 turnout was 75.3. In elections by Wednesday, there were a total of 12,980,788 eligible voters.

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