204 million dirham for waste water irrigation project in Oujda

A project to irrigate farmland with purified waste water is running in the Oujda Angad Prefecture, for an investment of 204 million dirham.

The project, which was presented yesterday, the progress will eventually mobilize water resources for irrigation through the use of treated wastewater, reports medias24.

The project includes the construction of a station for the re-use of waste water for agricultural purposes, which will process approximately 40,000 m3 per day. This water is used to irrigate nearly 1500 ha of farmland.

This initiative, which will benefit more than 245 farmers, also deals with the planting of 750 hectares of olive trees. It is focused on a production of 5 tons/ha of the olive tree and an increase in the income of 19,000 dirham per hectare

According to the Regional Directorate of agriculture includes the first phase of the project, which was launched in november 2016, also the building of a 10,000 m3 tank, a network of pipelines (12 km), a pumping station and water facilities on 75 points.