Spanish police arrest Moroccan man to finance Daesh

The 43-year-old Spanish police Wednesday a Moroccan man arrested in the village of Arbucies.

The man would be part of a network that is suspected of transferring money to the terrorist organization Daesh, according to the Spanish Interior Ministry.

The research is in the beginning of last year started after suspicions that groups of people sent money to consistently Daesh fighters in Syria. According to the Ministry of the Interior was a man, referred to as "MS", in July 2016 arrested for organizing of a plot to send money to displaced fighters in the Syrian- Iraqi conflict zones.

According to the statement the suspects were able to money to get to their destination through the use of multiple identities and between people. They also limited the transfer of sums of money to not to arouse suspicion.

The Spanish researchers worked also working with Europol, which had sent a mobile unit to Spain to help in the investigation.

The total number of jihad suspects that is picked up in Spain Since 2015 is 194, when the Ministry the anti-terror alert level increased to four on a scale of five.

Morocco has taken the lead in the fight against terrorism, by constantly dismantling of terrorist  cells and jailing of those who were planning to  to commit terrorist attacks. The Kingdom is also using education started to combat the religious extremism.