Weekly shipping line launched between Morocco and Russia

The global freight shipping group CMA CGM has launched a new shipping line between Morocco and Russia under the heading " " AGAX.

This shipping line makes it possible to fruits and vegetables in eight days to deliver non-stop.

In a statement published on the official website of the shipping group says CMA CGM says that this service was established in cooperation with its subsidiaries OPDR and Comanav. The Group noted that it is the fastest transit times on the market will offer by linking Agadir and Saint Petersburg.

"The ports of Hamburg and Rotterdam will still be as important intermediate stops (ports) Act and offer different handling and long distance possibilities ", says the CMA CGM.

The group went on to indicate that they are in addition to these new service, a position it retains in trade between Morocco-North-Europe/Russia  with two other weekly lines: DUNKRUS and CISS

"Starting from March 16, will be the next rotation are used in cooperation with SABRI: Casablanca-Agadir-St. Petersburg-Hamburg-Rotterdam-Casablanca".

Export agreements between Morocco and Russia are increased in recent years. The Association of fruit and vegetable exporters said in 2015 the export of fruit and vegetables from Morocco to Russia rose from 14 to 20 percent.

' There was a great demand for especially tomatoes, cucumber and a little less for peppers. The demand for cherry tomatoes is also getting bigger, "said Saad Silimani, Chairman of the Association.

Photocredit: CMA CGM