Lebanese businessman who Hezbollah financially backed get caught in Morocco

At the airport of Casablanca was caught in the collar Tajeddine.

Kacem Tajeddine, a Lebanese businessman, was an internationally signaled by among other things the United States. The man whose name so for came in the systems of Interpol could so easily be detected when he entered Morocco. Tajeddine was on transit from an African country to his home country Lebanon. He is known to Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation by many countries, which is qualified, financial support.

The Moroccan medium Assabah writes today that the Lebanese will soon be brought before the Court of Cassation in Rabat. It is possible that a Moroccan judge on the case will bend. Ever since the American authorities to book 2010 State Tajeddine as a lender for the terrorist organization Hezbollah in their eyes. They are also one of the largest parties that want to see the man on trial.

The Lebanese authorities keep a close eye on the case, writes Ahdath Al Maghribia. Known is that active behind trying to connect what the exact allegations are against their citizen. Tajeddine is known as a successful businessman in real estate, both inside and outside Lebanon.