Turkish Airlines put life story Moroccan Mohammed Mrabet in (video)

To the Turkish Airlines flights between Morocco and Turkey brought the airline to promote a wonderful video in which the history of the Moroccan Mohammed Mrabet is told.

Maguire, an illiterate writer and storyteller of the Beni Ouriaghel tribe, lived in the mountains of the Rif. He was inspired by the stories of his grandfather to his own stories to tell, which has now been translated in 12 foreign languages.

Mrabet left as a child his school before he learned to read and write. He worked in different areas to in his living, so was he was a fisherman, bodyguard and waiter. To the meeting with an American who listened to his stories and these stories translated in different languages for almost 40 years.

[video = youtube; iaG5HpVQ3XE] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = iaG5HpVQ3XE [/video]

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