18,000 African students enrolled at higher education institutions in Morocco

Receive some 6500 a scholarship of the Ministry of education.

These students come from such a 42 African countries. These figures came out during the two-day meeting of the Organization for arts and crafts, ENSAM. The State Secretary for education, Mohamed Abousaleh, stresses the importance of Morocco in this area of education supports foreign students. The Secretary of State sees a big challenge in making education more accessible generally.

For the period 2015-2030 is to improve the quality on this education level work. Inevitable than the structures at national level are going to fit, especially on the scientific and higher education is considerable. Crucial in this is the role of the national Office for education that ensure will have to see that these changes in the right direction.

On all educational areas, both private and public, this Office for a better connection and balancing in the different diplomas. By this high number of registrations from African countries, the better educational relationships that we want to have with Africa and Europe.