Wilders again mocked in Daily Show (video)

The Daily Show has Thursday night extended attention to the Dutch elections and in particular the role of Geert Wilders.

Presenter Trevor Noah denounced Wilders and his plans to prohibit the korans and mosques.

Some jokes were about Wilders ' appearance. "Why give the voters their confidence to a man who looks like Christopher Walken when he played a Batman villain?" asked Noah is wondering. Then he drew a comparison with the hairdo of populists like Boris Johnson and Donald Trump. "I think we are inundated by aliens that manipulate our thoughts and pretend to be bad hair."

But Noah also denounced the rantings of Wilders against islam. He showed images of the PVV leader who says that "islam a backward religion is, but I have nothing against Muslims". "He's going to be very grumpy if he finds out what religion adhere to Muslims", joked Noah.

[video = youtube; VW1pdY3sNcA] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = VW1pdY3sNcA [/video]

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