Take immigration file on Morocco in African Union

The return of Morocco in the African Union takes concrete forms right away.

After the historic return of Morocco in the African Union is immediately to be done. Yesterday came the Union meeting in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa where the meeting was led by the new president, Alpha Condé from Guinea. During this Union, it became clear that Morocco should go in the coming period examine the immigration issue on the continent.

The Ambassador of Morocco, Nezha Alaoui, Morocco will to represent the country to the appointment of her successor. Among other things, King Mohamed VI will be involved in this designation. The intention is that this new Ambassador, supported by a whole staff, will take a closer look at the migration flows and policy advise to the appropriate Union.

This task is for Morocco the first after 33 years absence in the Union. Until a few weeks ago, Morocco was the only African country what was missing in the Union, in 1984 moved on in protest at the accession of Polisario.

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