BCIJ light 3 Daesh-sympathizers early from bed in Fez

The safety authority has her hands full, so also in Fez.

The Moroccan medium Assabah reports that there recently in Fez three arrests are carried out by the BCIJ. The suspects will be charged that they had close links with the terror organization, is still unknown or only on contact. Early in the morning, to 07:30 hours, the BCIJ fell at the three men. A suspect was in his family home in Hay Al Massiri Bensouda of the bed, he would still student.

The second arrest was a greengrocer, the third and final suspect who was caught in the collar was a 28-year-old security guard. During the raids, the authorities confiscated phones, laptops and books that can help them as possible in the research.

The medium know to report that, in particular, near Fez surprisingly many young suspects have been detained who are linked with Daesh. In Taza, Sefrou and Boulmane were also some arrests.