Research: more than 600,000 non-and drug addicts in Morocco

There are in Morocco for more than half a million people addicted to cigarettes or drugs.

The Moroccan medium Al Ahdath recently examined the State of addiction to drugs and cigarettes in Morocco. The research, which is based on a previous research of an institution that fights against diseases as a result of the addictions, staggering figures forward. It is estimated that about 600,000 Moroccans have an addiction, there would be 300,000 addicted to tobacco. To hard drugs as cocaine and heroin, some 16,000 citizens enslaved.

Also, charted in which age group the addiction is greatest. In the group 18-28 year olds, the percentage is highest, about 70%. Addiction starts earlier in disadvantaged areas, according to the report there sticking children starting their first cigarette on their 15th or wagon to a drug.

A group of doctors from Casablanca want to increase awareness among young people through information meetings about the dangers of smoking and drug use.