Moroccan Football Federation President: ' any trainer would Ballard and prefer Ziyech Belhanda ' (video)

President Lekjaa also supports Renards ' choice to Ziyech outside of the selection.

Before and during the African Cup was much to do in the Moroccan public opinion, however, was that no reason for national coach Herve Renard to change his selection policy. Again ignored the Frenchman Ajax midfielder Hakim Ziyech. Take the Lions of the Atlas the next week in exhibition games against the better quality teams Burkina Faso and Tunisia (24 and 28 March), a fine opportunity to the collective what all during the African Cup was forged extra.

From camp-Ziyech was there yesterday responded opposite ELEVEN football. The midfielder could not there with his thoughts at that his absence at Morocco to technical reason was, it would be something personal.

Yesterday also left the Federal Chairman of Morocco, Lekjaa Falcon, on the issue. In front of the Moroccan media Hesport went the official deep in on the much-discussed issue. Before he and his story began to speak, he gave of himself fully to the national coach we had to completely leave out. ' Ziyech is an absolute quality player and a talent, that I told him tig times. Only he is now third in the ranking of attacking midfielder: for him he will have to put up with Ballard and Belhanda. '

Lekjaa continues: ' every trainer has a certain play in thoughts, in addition there are race conditions should be taken into account. Age is an important aspect in the case of Ziyech. With the years will Ziyech one of the supporting players of the Moroccan national football team are Incha'Allah. '

A few weeks before the African Cup when the publication of the preselection was waiting, claimed that his veto would have spoken about it Lekjaa. The absence of Ziyech on the list of Ra would have been for the President to reveal it here. With this statement is this claim in any case. The only unclear point remains whether there is a personal conflict between Renard and Ziyech, this is still completely open.

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