Hundreds of demonstrators in Amsterdam against racism

In Amsterdam have many hundreds of people demonstrated against racism and discrimination.

According to a spokeswoman for Organizer Committee 21 March 2000 there were protesters, other eye-witnesses spoke of 700 to 1000 protesters.

The procession went from the Dam in the image of the dockworker on the Jonas Daniel meijerplein. Organisations such as Greenpeace, FNV and hotline Islamophobia ran with it. They argued that Netherlands has a racism problem, what to see, among other things, to the rise of right-wing populist parties that ' scapegoat politics ' against Muslims and refugees, said the organization.

"The election campaign was dominated by racism, Islamophobia and we-they think. Wilders, Rutte and Buma made themselves there all guilty of. This is where we demonstrate today against ", said a spokesman for the organization.

According to a spokesman for the police is the demonstration peacefully.

The manifestation was held in the framework of international day against racism and discrimination.

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