Beauty Talks: Natural Moroccan beauty products

Most of us recognize fixed the glass bottles with all kinds of oil, or the beautiful carved wooden pot with "kohl" and more types of care products, who on mother's bedside table layers.

Today many products from formerly a must have and in the upcoming series ' beauty talks ' we are going to look at what the beautiful Morocco has to offer on the area of beauty products. Beauty products that used to be impossible to imagine were and today have their comeback created.

We going to start a series of often typical Moroccan products, where we to hear more about the background and try to find out why mother's bedside table of past and present has not changed. We begin this series with olive oil.

Olive oilHow that well anyway?

Olives grow at the olive tree and they arise from the pistils of the white small flowers. This blooming generally in the month of may, after which the oil begins to form. If the olives are fully grown, they are harvested and after the harvest, the olives are pressed in large stone mills. The liquid that This released is separated into water and oil. Then the oil filtered and poured into bottles. So, now we have the oil!

What can we be all along?

To to start a number of benefits that the to our health as we eating:
- It protects against heart disease.
- It helps lower blood pressure.
- Olive oil helps to prevent osteoporosis.
- It helps to detoxify the body.
- It is an important source of vitamin E and oxidants.
- Oleocanthal in olive oil, a substance which is, it turns out an anti-inflammatory and analgesic action to have, similar to that of Ibuprofen.

In short, olive oil is a natural healthy oil that in addition a medicinal effect. Olive oil is also a great means of as cosmetics to use and we have some fun Tips for your collected.

Tips for the body:

Tip 1: olive oil as body scrub; mix a small amount of sugar with olive oil into a paste, spray your skin first with warm water and scrub now with the pasta for a soft skin.
Tip 2: olive oil as makeup remover; make a cotton pad wet with water, do Here are a few drops of olive oil on and wipe your makeup off.
Tip 3: olive oil for a soft face; Rub a little olive oil on your Palms and lubricate your face in for a hydrated and soft skin, don't use too much else is greasy looking.
Tip 4: olive oil as lip balm; smear a little bit gently on your lips meets all.
Tip 5: olive oil as a massage oil; smear it on your skin and massage your skin with it in.

Tips for your hair:

There have more ways to apply it in your hair. The olive oil in your hair prevents your hair lifeless and damages. It also helps your hair to soften, it strengthens the hair and prevents dandruff.

Tip 1: olive oil hair mask; the oil is because of the many nourishing properties very suitable to give your hair a boost give. You wash your hair and then massage your some olive oil into your hair, let this about 5 to 10 minutes and was then off again. You can also apply on dry hair before bed and the following morning wash out so that the hair long hydrated and fed.
Tip 2: olive oil as anti-klit; wash your hair and put a few droplets olive oil in, comb your hair out now, let the tangles easier to remove.
Tip 3: olive oil at last of dry hair; take some oil and massage your scalp and hair to the dots, please note that you do not use too much otherwise you get a wet look.

This versatile natural oil deserves a spot on the bedside table of all the one made of natural, healthy and beauty. It is pure and contains no chemical means, never making it an allergy on can create. And last but not least you will only healthier and more beautiful!

Until the next beauty talk!

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