Dutch bicycle changes street scene in Morocco (video)

" Cycling in Marrakech, who wants that? ", says founder Cantal Baker of the bicycle project Pikala against marokko.nl

Pikala Foundation is committed to the to increase bicycle use in the beautiful city of Marrakech. By an educational curriculum leads young people on to bicycle specialist Pikala, creates the project part-time jobs for college students and be environmental problems and road safety.

Cantal B (26) is bicycle fanatic, they already gave in Netherlands Bicycle training to refugees and they discovered early the potential of cycling in 2015 Marrakech.

"It is an enormously difficult, but exciting adventure," said Cantal. "During my vacation in Morocco I discovered that Marrakech is perfect was for the bike, but that everyone there on poorly maintained scooters and mopeds drive, which right now for a large air pollution problem provides. "

Cantal left after her holiday home and hearth behind and traveled in her one back to Marrakech. "I knew here only a Moroccan street urchin, He sometimes made clean in the hostel where I stayed during my vacation. He took me to the streets and showed me how the city is alive and moves. "

Since the beginning of 2016 is hard on the road to Pikala. By different collaborations such as the Venice Biennale has Marrakech the project can develop rapidly. The Cop22, the UN Climate Conference, end 2016 Pikala has in a giant boost.  State Secretary Sharon Dijksma opened for this the ' Holland Bicycle Workshop ' where educational context in cycling more than 500 bikes were repaired with the local community.

By a donation from the US Department of State has the More than 300 Pikala 2nd hand Dutch bicycle to Marrakech . These are now refurbished in the education process and are then used for cycling activities with young people.

"It's sometimes quite a lot of what we do, we are committed to technical education, creative development, a good environment, and we give old Dutch cycling here a new home. A mouthful if one asks for the objectives of your project, "laughs Cantal B.

For 2017 new project plans ready as the Student-Bike and a cooperation with the municipality of Marrakech to ecotourism. Pikala invites everyone to come and visit her project and put together a piece to go cycling in the oasis of Marrakech.

For more information see the Pikala video or website:

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