BCIJ arrest 15 Daesh-sympathizers in 2 days time throughout the country

The Moroccan authorities still have their hands full Daesh-trailer.

The Moroccan security service BCIJ that include terror in its portfolio, knew last Wednesday and Thursday 15 major arrests. In 9 cities were the probable Daesh-sympathizers held: FES, Nador, Tetouan, Essaouira, Marrakesh, Oujda and Fqih Babygreen, Tangier, Agadir to be exact. From a press release of the Ministry is to read that the 15 men arrested trying to glorify terrorist activities and possibly to plan attacks in Morocco.

There would also be direct evidence of preparations of attacks in Syria and Iraq. At some suspects there was concrete evidence for making explosives, in those houses was material found which can be used in making bombs. Such explosives would then for sensitive and busy points in the country.

The suspects also seemed purposefully certain security officials and people with military functions on lists. The men are brought before the judge on the case, soon it will bend.