Petition calls on Morocco to research sexual abuse by British mp

A petition addressed to the Embassy of Morocco in London calls for an investigation into the alleged rape and sexual abuse of a Moroccan teenager by a former British mp.

The incident dates back to 1987 when the British Member of Parliament Harvey Proctor in the city of Agadir. He was caught in room 101 of what is now known as the Odyssee Park hotel, but back then it was called Ali Baba hotel, with a naked 15-year-old Moroccan boy.

The petition points out that the incident in Morocco is not the only scandal is where the 69-year-old Brit was involved. "Two separate victims have stated that they saw Mr. Proctor participate in sexual abuse meetings with children in the United Kingdom."

The petition concludes with a request to "respectfully calls" by the Moroccan authorities in order to initiate an investigation to the subject against the alleged rapist.

The petition is .

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