Re-election beckons for Chamber President Arib

The odds for Second Room President Khadija Arib (PvdA) on his re-election has grown considerably.

VVD, CDA and D66 do not want a candidate-President and are satisfied with Arib, sources at the Binnenhof. The SP comes not with a rival candidate, let the party know.

ARIB itself wants nothing more than to remain President. She got last week all the blessing of her nine-piece group, but even if those tasks than on even fewer members.

Three of the largest parties would want to lay in the way so nothing Arib. That the PvdA Caucus still but the seventh group is in size is no obstacle for them. But if a candidate still more convenient reporting from a different angle, then they can still change.

The 56-year-old Ahmad, who was born in , solved in January of the last year Anouchka van miltenburg off as Chamber President. She uses the gavel according to political friend and foe exemplary. Recently sided with one of her predecessors, VVD Member Frans Weisglas, still square behind her.

The House of representatives elects a new President next Wednesday. Usually comes from one of the largest groups.

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