Man gets 14 years for killing love rival

A 29-year-old Syrian is Tuesday on appeal in accordance with the requirement sentenced to fourteen years in prison for killing and burning of a 46-year-old Syrian from the Brabant Esch. The offender had a secret relationship with the wife of the victim.

The Court of Justice in the Bosch finds proved that the Syrian man has deprived of life. The Court gave him eleven years earlier imposed cell, against which it to job by the objecting CMS.

The victim, father of three children, was the head of a Syrian family that after a flight was only briefly in Netherlands. The offender went into november 2014 at night to their house in Esch with the later victim to talk. There arose a struggle with fatal consequences for the occupant. Then he brought his body on a bike trailer to a forest in Boxtel and stuck there the corpse on fire.

The Court blames the Syrian that he after the lose of the body of the father the family and its surroundings has left under the delusion that the man was still alive. He tried in addition his role as the father in the family. The relationship between the offender and the woman showed off bugged phone calls, in which words like "murder" and "burn" were used and the woman complained about abuse.

The woman is initially identified as a suspect, but they also is no longer suspected of involvement in the death of her husband. From a reconstruction according to law that the perpetrator acted alone.

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