Spotlight: Renard 7.2 million dirham from wallet should draw at voluntary departure

In the Moroccan media the past period there was full of, the possible departure of coach Renard.

Hervé Renard seems to have his sights set on a departure at the Moroccan Football Federation as national coach. The Frenchman who was brought in at the expense of its predecessor Badou Zaki seems, if we are to believe the messages in the Moroccan media, bondscoachschap at another African country preferable to leading the Lions v/d Atlas. He might even have his resignation submitted to President Falcon Lekjaa, according to the generally well imported 11 ' Lions Morocco pros.

Now reports the Moroccan Al Massae that the two-time African Cup winner does not totally free walk out the door at the FRMF. In the contract what Renard signed over a year ago is a clause included to a voluntary departure less attractive to the coach. This would allegedly a whole year salary amounts, Renard deserves such a 600,000 dirham per month. With an easy calculation to get off on a sloppy 700,000 euros converted.

The most concrete new employers for the African success coach are successively South Africa, Ivory Coast and Ghana, based on the media in those countries. If Renard his adventure with Morocco continue then await him at good performance nice bonuses and salary increases. With a view to the World Cup in 2018 Russia's qualification would have far-reaching positive effects on its income.

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